Date:2019-8-11 2:33:09


The “SEMINAR OF THE CLINICAL APPLICATION OF PIEZOSURGERY” held by Shanghai Tian Ying Medical Instrument Co., Ltd from July 23rd – 24th , 2016 in Shanghai. It is our honor to invite Professor MAURO LABANCA, M.D. of Università degli studi di Milano, Italy as our speaker. Our partner, Mr RENATO BOCCHINI, global marketing executive of Mectron also comes to support at site.
This Seminar focus on the working theory of piezosurgery, cutting application of the inserts of orthopedics, especially share several wonderful cases of different surgeries on the clinical application of piezosurgery in sinus lifts, alveolar ridge extension, planting site preparation and exelcymosis
Hundreds of dental specialists, scholars from all over the nation conduct simulation operations with Mectron piezosurgery on eggs and bones with professor MAURO LABANCA. The atmosphere of the seminar was very warm. All the specialists and scholars spoke highly of the seminar, it achieved great success.
PIEZOSURGERY, the original classic work of Mectron,Italy, the resolution of dental surgery.